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Refund Policy

We have tailored our refund policy to make our customers acknowledge the circumstances, under which we will provide them with the refund. Whenever you take any service from us, then we expect you are all aware about our refund and return policy.

Scope and coverage

Our refund policy only covers the refunds that fall under DAG Infotech or a website that is controlled and managed by our company. This policy doesn’t include the returns which are connected to any third party companies.

Filing a complaint

We believe in the fact that reaching up the mutual solution is the best part. We should contact if dissatisfaction comes towards our way. So, we would request you to opt for the refund when the things are out of hand.

Our main motto is to reach the final solution.

Eligibility to get the refund

The eligibility criteria of getting the refund depend on the service that we offer. If you want a refund, you have to abide by the eligibility criteria of the refund policy. Here are the eligibility criteria for refund.

Full refund- If the project is not started by our end.

Partial refund- If we fail to deliver in the time.

No refund- If we are already completed project and it is uploaded on our server.

Delivery policy’s applicability

We are not going to provide you any refund if you are not able to provide the suitable information of the time and the projects. If any false information and incomplete information is provided by you which occurs delay of the project delivery, in this case we cannot refund to customer.

Refunds process

We will start the process, and mail the partial return within 180 business days, after the day of cancellation. And, we will pay you the refund through the payment method, upon which we have agreed during the beginning of the project. Most of the times, we do it through check or via credit cards.

In case of full refunds, we will mail and process your return after the 50 business days of the cancellations. Here also, we will pay you by the payment method that we have agreed on the day first day of the project.

Policy Changes

Only DAG Infotech has the authority to change the refund policy time to time, without providing any information about it. So, if you want to determine the refund policy of our site, you have to check the policies periodically.